Chemical consumption is an important economic and environmental concern.   All of the Blue Coral chemicals are biodegradable and provided by Ecolab, one of the most trustworthy companies in the detergent industry.  Management of chemical utilization is not only important to the economics but the environment, and flow values are tested regularly.  Detergents are supplied in their purest form reducing packaging, freight, and fuel costs.  They are mixed with water on site and controlled to the milliliter.  Additionally, chemicals are delivered in a high-tech system which uses a combination of pressured air and water to deliver the solution to the vehicle, reducing the demand for water by itself.

Home washing have little control over water consumption on a per car basis.  Water volumes used during an average home wash can easily exceed 100 gallons as stated by the International Carwash Association. Home washing water directly enters our local rivers and streams.   All Seasons Express Car Wash invests in  three key water treatment processes to keep us under 45 gallons of fresh water used per car:

Reverse Osmosis Systems – purify city water to zero microns per gallon.  Our facility purifies and stores over 3,000 gallons of water at all times.  This purified water, or as we advertise as "Spot Free" water,  is used in the final rinse process in order to provide the best result.

Water Softener Systems – soften all fresh water used in the tunnel.  This process maximizes the chemical dilution during the mixing process.  Less chemical has to be used on a per car basis which leads to less water needed for rinsing.

Water Reclamation & Recycling Systems – control the amount of water utilized per wash and collect wash water for reuse.  The reclaim process is a major investment in technology and saves over 7.5 million gallons of water annually at each facility.  The process begins with the facility design and underground water collection tanks which collect water as it drains from the tunnel.  Solids are separated from the water during their journey through the tanks.  The water is then pumped back into a reclamation filtering process and used again in the early stages of the wash process.  This reduces fresh water consumption by an additional 60%.  The solids left in the tanks are professionally disposed of in accordance with government regulations.  This ensures we send no damaging agents into our rivers and streams.
If you do wash your car at home, here are some tips to help you get the best possible result.
We’ll admit washing your car on a beautiful sunny Saturday can be a lot of fun, especially if you involve your children. If you do wash at home, please use these tips to make sure you don’t damage your cars paint and minimize your impact on the environment.


  • Never use regular household detergents that can strip protective oils from your car. Always use a biodegradable soap specifically designed for car washing.
  • Work in a shady spot with no direct sunlight. High temperatures can cause the water to evaporate too quickly leaving spots and even detergent residue that can harm your car’s finish.
  • Use a spray nozzle that automatically shuts off to reduce water use and when possible wash over grass or gravel to keep soapy water from entering storm drains.
  • Clean your wheels first and never reuse the dirty water, sponges, or brushes to wash your car, always start with fresh soapy water and wash pads or towels.
  • Wash your vehicle one panel at a time from the top down and use microfiber wash pads or towels to reduce scratching. Rinse completely to prevent soap films from drying on the finish and never continue using e a towel that touches the ground.
  • Dry your vehicle like you washed it, from the top down. Avoid using cotton towels that can leave fine scratches that will dull the finish. Natural or synthetic chamois work well but using fresh microfiber towels to dry the vehicle will help reduce scratching.

Have fun but please remember that even the Nature Conservancy recommends washing your car at a professional car wash as a more environmentally friendly alternative to washing at home. We’re also a lot more affordable, especially if you value your time!

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