Unlimited Monthly Washing Club Plans

All Seasons Express Car Wash Club Membership allows a once per day tunnel wash for each registered vehicle per month, renewed monthly from date of activation (Anniversary Date), weather permitting. At the time of initial membership purchase, and then billed each month thereafter on the Anniversary day (program activation date), until membership is cancelled or terminated.  With our Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash your vehicle as many times as you want, once per day, weather permitting — No Long Term Contracts  — Wash N Go Unlimited is $14.99/tax per month !

All Seasons Express Car Wash offers you essential car care and convenience through our Wash Cub Unlimited Wash Program. For a set monthly fee you may wash your car as many times as you like, once per day. You simply choose your Club Plan and pay with the credit card that you would like to use for your automatic billing.


Participation requires installation of an RFID tag inside of registered vehicle’s front window. If you purchase your membership online, the RFID MUST BE INSTALLED ON-SITE WITHIN 24 HOURS by our attendant onsite, to maximize the membership benefits, as the anniversary date is not modified. YOU MUST SHOW YOUR ONLINE PAYMENT RECEIPT TO THE ATTENDANT PRIOR TO ENTERING ONE OF THE PAY STATIONS.


If you purchase your membersip at the car wash, at the end of your transaction you will recieve a receipt which you must give to the attendant.  The attendant will then give you a monthly program application that you will complete before you wash your car. Once the application is completed, the attendant will attach your RFID tag to the front window of your vehicle.



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